Lamoille County Title Deed (Vermont)

Search for Lamoille County, VT title deeds. A title deed search can provide information on property titles, property sales, property transfers, property sale prices, previous owners, current owners, proof of ownership, property descriptions, zoning rules, sale and use rules, and sale prices for property.

Lamoille County Clerk Offices operate at the county or local level and their primary purpose is the preservation of public records in Lamoille County, Vermont. Clerk Offices maintain a number of property-related records, including Lamoille County title deeds. These Lamoille County deeds provide information on property transfers, such as the names of the previous and current owners, the purchase price, and a description of the property. Title deeds act as proof of ownership and they may also contain information about the size of the Lamoille County property and any zoning rules. Clerk Offices often provide online access to their title deed records.

Belvidere Town Clerk Belvidere Center VT 3996 Vermont 109 05442 802-644-6621

Eden Mills Town Clerk Eden VT 71 Old Schoolhouse Rd 05653 802-635-2528

Elmore Town Clerk Lake Elmore VT 1175 Vermont Rt 12 05657 802-888-2637

Fletcher Town Clerk Cambridge VT 215 Cambridge Glen Road 05444 802-849-6616

Jeffersonville Town Clerk Cambridge VT 85 Church Street 05464 802-644-2251

Lamoille County Clerk Hyde Park VT PO Box 570 05655 802-888-3887

Morristown Town Clerk Morristown VT 43 Portland Street 05661 802-888-6370

Waterville Town Clerk Waterville VT 850 Vermont 109 05492 802-644-8865

Wolcot Town Clerk Wolcott VT 28 Railroad Street 05680 802-888-2746

Lamoille County Building Departments create and enforce building codes to ensure the construction of safe buildings in Lamoille County, Vermont. As part of this process, Building Departments may keep title deeds, especially for new properties. Lamoille County title deeds act as proof of ownership, and they typically contain information about the property, its size, and any zoning or use rules. These Lamoille County property records provide information on property transfers, including the name of the previous and current owners, the sale price, and a description of the property. Title deeds may be available on the Building Department website.

Lamoille County Planning Department Morristown VT 52 Portland Street 05661 802-888-4548

Stowe City Planning and Zoning Department Stowe VT 394 Mountain Road 05672 802-253-6130